Thursday, 5 Jamadil Akhir 1407H : Wikipedia list down some big cases happening during this month. And from Google reversed date calendar, I believe this is the day I was born. 

About me:

To be frank, the best describer about ourselves is not what we think who we are, but who we are that people think of. Building up characters cost a life time. Because, tunnelling through one phase to another we will change bit by bit. I have many things I wish I could be doing, right now, this instant. And among these wishes are writing a blog. A place where I be involved emotionally, or emotion-less.  A place where sometimes, I feel very proud of saying it out loud though no one hears me. A place where sometimes, I regret making up such a fuss over small matters. This is a complex and self-centred place because I’m not a programmed robot, instead I’m just me, pretty much just a human. This is my place, Suna’s blog.


Dear vegetarians... Go Green!

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